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2 min readMay 30, 2021


3 Boon Companions on a Perilous Path

Let the three boon companions be your guiding light

We all have been there, isn’t it? Sometimes frolicking with laugher, the next instant, rolling in pain! How we approach these transitions — stay aloof, stay aloft or succumb is solely reliant upon a unique entity- our own self.
Well, it may sound perplexing, befuddling and devastating at times to be in the middle of multiple, seething, serpentine, problems. How do we deal with it? Here are three boon companions you should take along:

1. “Hope”

When it comes to keeping hope alive, I am always reminded of Emily Dickinson’s poem Hope, as she writes: ““Hope” is the thing with feathers-That perches in the soul -And sings the tune without the words -And never stops — at all -”. These lines remind me that hope is innate and subjective. Everyone has their own melody to tune into when it comes to being hopeful and it should be a constant, a perennial source of light. Never ending. So, remember Emily Dickinson’s “Hope’’ in the time of crises.

2. Persistence Persistence Persistence

Well, if hope is the first element to be tethered to, the next step would be to persist. Inaction is not an action when in adversity. You must brace yourself for the most thrilling roller coaster ride ever to wade out of adversities successfully. It might appear like you are trapped and it’s a dead end, but persistence will help discover a way out. I will write about my own experience in the next story, telling you exactly how I managed to get out of petrifying situations, all by myself.

3. The ‘Carpe diem’ moment

Here we are, hopeful and persistent, and lo! we made an ideal environ for an opportunity to strike; and when it does, just seize it! Make ‘carpe diem’ your mantra and see it work wonders for you. We are so engrossed in pain and the aftermath of adversities at times, that we tend to inadvertently allow it to make a sad, silent exit. Hence, we must be vigilant and prepared to allow opportunities to bring out the best in us. It might take a while before a suitable opportunity knocks your doors, but we are prepared for that already with the first two steps, aren’t we?

So, that’s about it! I must say these rescuers have worked like a charm when I was battling physical, emotional, and social tribulation at the same time, all alone. I would love to hear from you. How do things work out for you when you are in troubles larger than life? Have any of these rescuers come to your aid in troubled times? Let me know.



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